Hello, Phill here... Huge thanks for dropping in! My music studio is your best choice for your guitar lesson, bass lesson, or composition needs!  I've been doing this a long time (over 15 years) and I've delevoped the most fun and effective teaching methods you will find anywhere! I'm constantly being told by students with past lesson experience how excited they are to have found me as a teacher!

LOCATIONS: If these guitar lesson locations or times don't fit your schedule, please let me know as I may be able to accommodate you.

NW     - Where you'll find my home studio! 
           - I  teach in-home lessons in the Dalhousie/Scenic Acres/Citadel general area

SE      - I  teach in-home lessons in the McKenzie/Cranston general area


My Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lesson Plans

Calgary's Best Guitar Lessons

I offer three different lesson types to suit your needs: 30, 45, or 60min

Note: 30min lessons are only available at my NW home studio. 

I also love doing small group lessons for two or three students at a time (contact me for pricing). I have quite a few parent/child groups and they have a blast!


Weekly, guaranteed timeslot:

30min = $30 per lesson

45min = $40 per lesson

1hour = $50 per lesson

*I charge a $10 drive fee for in-home lessons in my general teaching areas (see above). I'm open to doing lessons outside of that area but I will need to charge an increased drive fee.

NEW!:  Music Lesson Card - flexible timing for those of you unable to commit to weekly lessons. Just get in touch and book a lesson whenever you are available! These cost a little more than a weekly timeslot due to the added organisation time needed. Lots of students really appreciate this flexibility!

4 - 30min lessons:  $135

4 - 45min lessons:  $175

4 - 1hour lessons:   $220


1 student = one free lesson
2 students = three free lessons
3 students = five free lessons

Note: each new student must continue taking lessons for at least two months for you to get your free lessons.