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I'M DIFFERENT: Countless times, even after a few minutes of my first lesson with brand new student, I've been told horror stories about terrible, inflexible, boring guitar teachers, then I've been told how happy the student is to have found me. I'm friendly, professional, serious but laid back, and I know how to explain things in a simple, concise way!

EXPERIENCE: I've been playing guitar for about 31 years, I started as a small child and I've seen it all, as both a teacher and a student. With 19 years of professional teaching experience I've helped students from ages 4.5 to 75 (yes, 75!) learn to love the guitar almost as much as I do (which is A LOT!). I've taken countless guitar lessons in Rock, Blues, Classical, and even studied Flamenco guitar in Spain for a winter! I'm constantly exploring and learning myself, and always improving my playing and teaching knowledge.

DIVERSITY: There is so much truly amazing music throughout the world, and I can't get enough of it! I'm comfortable with almost any style of music: Classical, Flamenco/Latin, Gypsy Jazz, Blues, Folk, Rock, Metal, and many more. I'm as comfortable playing with my fingers as I am with a pick. One of my dreams is to be create a travel documentary based around music of the world

CREATIVITY:  I make creativity and experimentation part of my guitar lessons, even for beginners. There is no reason a beginner student should not have the chance to write some of their own ideas, and develop their creativity and confidence, and I have so many fun ways to show them how! While simply learning some of our favourite songs is a fun and fantastic way to progress, I find it much better to also learn a bit about what is going on in the song, how it was created, and how we could improvise over top of it. This allows the student to adapt to different musical situation or jams, and makes learning new tunes faster and easier as well. Eventually, these skills can lead to the creation of original ideas.... I LOVE HELPING STUDENTS WRITE THEIR OWN MUSIC!!! My dream is to be able to put together a compilation album of original songs from my students of all ages.

INTELLIGENCE: It takes a lot of thought, analysis, problem solving and understanding to teach and instrument like the guitar. Minute adjustments in hand positioning are constantly needed to make each melody or chord as easy as possible. Every student will naturally do things differently, and different issues constantly arise.  I've run into hundreds of different scenarios and thought of the best way to solve them, and the simplist way to explain them to the student.

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