Calgary's Best Guitar Lessons

Calgary's Best Guitar Lessons - Lesson Plans

I offer three different lesson types to suit your needs.

Earn FREE LESSONS - learn about my referral policies...

I offer 30min, 45min or 1hour lessons to suit my students needs. 30min lessons are only available at my NW home studio. 

I also love doing small group lessons for two or three students at a time (contact me for pricing). I have quite a few parent/child groups and they have a blast!


Weekly, guaranteed timeslot:

30min = $30 per lesson

45min = $40 per lesson

1hour = $50 per lesson

NEW!:  Music Lesson Card - flexible timing for those of you unable to commit to weekly lessons. Just get in touch and book a lesson whenever you are available! These cost a little more than a weekly timeslot due to the added organisation time needed. Lots of students really appreciate this flexibility!

4 - 30min lessons:  $135

4 - 45min lessons:  $175

4 - 1hour lessons:   $220


1 student = one free lesson
2 students = three free lessons
3 students = five free lessons

Note: each new student must continue taking lessons for at least two months for you to get your free lessons.
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